Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goodbye Blogger, Hello Wordpress

Probably long overdue I try out Wordpress. I'm also moving to my lumini account (refer to THIS POST) so it's Sayonara to Blogger.

New post is HERE

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This post is intentionally left blank.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Carly Comando - Everyday

I'm not normally the one who appreciates piano music but I love this song. Not least it's used in those NBA 'Where Amazing Happens' Ads. It's also the background music to Noah Kalina's Everyday project.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

There is such thing as a free lunch...

When it's your birthday and the boss shouts the whole team lunch. Top stuff!

Thanks y'all for all your birthday messages =)

Wow, creeping up towards the mid 20s...scary!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Election (Hak se wui)

Bought this for $10 from JB Hi-Fi this afternoon (Thanks Sam for lending me the money. Will pay you back during mission weekend away). Ever since the Infernal Affairs trilogy, I've been interested in triad movies and this one supposedly got quite good reviews and won a swag of awards. One review touted it as the asian 'Godfather' =P It's a bit light on extras - a 'making of' featurette and some interviews but that's alright.

Check out's review of Election here.

Fantasy Basketball 07-08

Fantasy basketball is back and once again, I've signed myself up to two leagues with the draft for one of them happening tonight in just over 2 hours. Given the NBA season proper doesn't begin till end of October, I think it's a bit early to pick the teams tonight (who knows what might happen during pre-season?) but it'll definitely be challenging. Draft for the other comp is another 3 weeks away.

I think there will be some interesting questions asked leading up to the draft. I ain't no expert in the game, finishing 3rd a couple of times as my best record to date, but one would definitely ask themselves:

-How will Kevin Garnett go now that he is in Boston? Of course he will still be dominant for a bit yet but now that he has Paul Pierce and Ray Allen with him, would you still spend a top 3 pick on him? And how would KG's presence affect Pierce and Allen?

-Injuries. Yuck. The injury bug got quite a few players last year. Some serious, others not quite. Yao Ming, Gilbert Arenas and Dwayne Wade to name a few all missed a fair chunk of court time and whilst most should be there come season tip-off, where would you spend a pick on them? Elton Brand is the first casualty for this season already, rupturing his left Achilles tendon and will be out till at least March.

-Shawn Marion. No injuries for 'The Matrix' but trade rumors this off-season. Is he still worth a top 5 pick?

-Andrei Kirilenko. Showed glimpses of his best in Utah's playoffs Vs Golden State last season as well as the recent FIBA comp, but apart from that, he was pretty crap last year. Where would you draft him?

Bring it on boys...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Google number plate!